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Trust the image of your company to the professionals. Please visit our INTRO at to see our high end samples. Once you’ve determined your price range & selected your preferred package… don’t hesitate to contact us. All rates negotiable.


A New Infinite Soul Lemy Beauty
Alex & his amazing design team work meticulously around the clock to provide you sleek, sharp, memorable and impressionable High End Branding, Print & Web Design for you, your brand & your business. ANewExcellence has dominated the creative industry for years.
Our refined color palettes, modern mosaics, surgical precision in composition, immaculate search engine etiquette (Google: “ANewExcellence“), sophisticated creativity and ability to infuse your company’s essence into ultra High End Design will distinctively distinguish your brand… allowing you to rise & soar… high above all the others.
Turnaround of initial concept drafts is within 4 days, generally sooner. You will receive unlimited revisions until your final digital web / brand design is 110% satisfactory in all the various formats you will ever need it in, including vector.
Alex, our professional, expert creative director has been curating, cultivating & developing brands for 20+ years.

Effective online branding is one of the cornerstones of any viable marketing strategy, and if you have an interest in growing your business, it is one of the most important parts of your business plan. Effective digital branding creates an enduring perception in the minds of your customers and distinguishes you from your competitors.



ANewExcellence is Atlanta / Dallas / NYC’s Amazing Website Designer of Choice! After All… Aren’t You & Your Business Finally Ready To Upgrade??? To Begin With, Your Project is in Excellent Hands! Meanwhile, We Design For You With A Smile Every Step of The Way! Most Importantly, The Future in Designer Digital Graphic Website Design is Finally Here…


ANewExcellence is The Ferrari & Rolls Royce of Digital Website Design. First of all, We’re The Best. Sure, anyone can make a website. But sometimes, any old website just won’t do… Are you a High Quality Salon & Spa Owner? Maybe a Prestigious Law Firm? Luxury Automotive Dealership? Commercial Real Estate Agency? A Private Practice? Plastic Surgeon maybe? Another industry altogether? Doesn’t matter… ANewExcellence is here for YOU!

The Design Agency More Doctors Trust!


A New Excellence
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Matt Robinson
Matt Robinson
Hire Alex!! Alex will take my "ideas" and sketches and turn these into functioning effective marketing blockbusters.... His designs are clean - uncluttered and eye catching. I an moving forward with Alex on future projects because of his fabulous results on his first more
Kathie Stuart
Kathie Stuart
This guy is beyond amazing – book covers, flyers, presentation materials, you name it! And I mean marketing materials... designed to capture the attention of and communicate to anything from C-level executives, to wealthy retirees, to millennials and nuevo art splash appeal. It’s cliche to say Timothy can do it all, however, truth is he Has done it all for us. Totally above and beyond the call. Cannot Recommend Highly Enough!!read more
Daye Sweets
Daye Sweets
I Love what he did with my rambled thoughts and My small sketch. He turned it out. I had no clue how I wanted my logo... to look but it came out perfect. Love his work!read more
Qing Hua Kong
Qing Hua Kong
Alexander was a pressure to work with. Very professional and responsive. Did a awesome job on my website.
Yasmine Mua Thomas
Yasmine Mua Thomas
I highly recommend this business! They go above and beyond to ensure that they capture your vision but also give you... great professional advice to take it to the next level . Turn around time is super fast and the communication skills are excellent. I never feel in the dark when working with them and they also are very patient as well . I encourage any business big or small to check them out and let them bring your vision to life ! I give them a 10 out of 10 !read more
Derek Dobosz
Derek Dobosz
Leticia works very hard and delivers all the pizzazz promised!
Jasmine Zanders
Jasmine Zanders
Leticia was really helpful. She gave me exactly what I needed! Definitely more bang for your buck here than anywhere... else! Thank you so much❤️read more
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